EDUSREF Conference Chair and Organizer: Mustafa Ozmusul

Mustafa Ozmusul, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Harran University

Short Biography

Earned his Ph.D. degree in Educational Management, Supervision, Planning, and Economics from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Mustafa Ozmusul is Associate Professor in the field of Educational Management at Harran University in Turkey. Conducting two European Union school projects he observed various school systems in the European Countries and received eTwinning Label award. During the years 2003-2013 he was school teacher, he participated in various professional development activities mainly on improving the school education, project development, creativity, and socio-psychological issues in Turkey and EU countries. He is also a member of scientific advisory committees of several international conferences, and editorial board member of two international refereed journals. Along with the author of the book entitled “Ethics in Education, Some Lessons for Managers” and Turkish book written on theoretical issues on school management, and the many articles published in both international and national journals, he is mainly interested in the research areas of educational policies and implementations, theory and practices in educational leadership, ethics in education, international dimension and indicators in education.